What did we achieve?

The campaign was deemed a success - just take a look at the statistics below.
In the first two weeks:

  • +2.5M games started
  • ~6-7min average session length, the equivalent of 2604 days of brand engagement for Google Maps
  • +950k unique players
  • 2.9% CTR for users who saw the call-to-action to download the Google Maps app.
  • ‘Earth from Above’ did better than 90% of featured topics in each respective first day and was the 10th most popular topic overall in the first week

There was quite a Buzz on Twitter when the campaign launched, including this tweet: "@ryanlawler Have you caught the brand integration of Google Maps in @QuizUp? Great example of native advertising done right!" We had many similar quotes too. Users across social media embraced the game (eg. ‘STOP EVERYTHING, THERE IS A NEW GOOGLE MAPS TOPIC ON QUIZ UP’)