What's the story?

The rapid rise of mobile applications and games has created new audiences overnight and unique opportunities for brands to effectively engage today’s consumer. By forming partnerships with up-and-coming apps, brands become relevant and speak to consumers on their terms and at the right time. 

Google Maps is one of Google's most beloved and used products. With mobile continuing to grow (now 60% of all digital time) it is vital to Google to reach users on iOS and get them to start using Google products. Google Maps introduces iOS users to the Google experience. iOS users are valuable to Google.

 In September 2012,Google Maps was removed as the default mapping app from iOS. Replaced with Apple Maps, the average consumer was likely not aware of the change (i.e. icons looked similar, average consumer just sees a map app, etc.).

Our brief was to reach influencers, showcase the product, develop brand affinity and ultimately get users to download Google Maps on their mobile devices.

Although we want everyone who uses mobile devices to use the Google Maps app, we started our focus on getting iOS users between the ages of 20-40 to engage with the Google Maps brand. Specifically, high consumption mobile users. In reality, Google Maps is a product everyone can use and mobile gamers are synonymous with mobile users (i.e. not just kids, moms, dads, etc.) so we didn't need to drill down too deep into the specific demographics for this campaign.