With our strategy all mapped out, we then built a fully integrated, data-driven, digital only, creative video programme to engage our foodie and footie consumers.

We conducted a data study of our audience so that we could tailor our campaign specifically for them. We used rich internal YouTube datasets, TGI consumer data, and 27 custom online surveys to learn more about them. 

We combined all data to build a framework of rich insights that drove our video creative and programmatic video targeting. Delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time, giving us more viewing, less skipping and greater awareness uplifts. 

For example, we learned that cooking for others strongly over-indexed on weekends so we upweighted Sorted Food recipe tutorial ads on the weekends.

Both audiences were consuming over 50% of videos on mobile, so we made mobile-specific creative (including bespoke units for Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat) that was shown only on mobile. 

Capture 3_Bigger.JPG

It turned out football fans were 65% more likely to be into gaming, so we made gaming-specific ads that were shown only ahead of gaming videos. 

We used internal YouTube data to reveal that a high percentage of people likely to be interested in Sorted Food were subscribed to One Direction on YouTube, so we made a custom Sorted Food parody One Direction song just for them! That played not only on YouTube but also in One Direction concerts across the UK. 

These are just some of the examples, we could go on and on!  Overall, we ended up with 40+ different TrueView video creatives, all specifically designed to be as personalised and contextual as possible based on our thorough data-driven investigation of the target audiences.

Campaign firsts

  • The most extensive data testing Google EMEA have seen to date
  • 40+ Custom video assets (also known as TrueView ads)
  • First ever programmatically driven DOOH placements