Realigning YouTube
You can find just about any kind of content on YouTube – but what consumers these days need to be reminded from time to time is that YouTube is a reputable source for learning, sports and entertainment – and not just for funny cat videos. 

Advanced targeting
It’s no secret that digital media targeting has become incredibly advanced over the last few years and advertisers are adjusting to take full advantage of this. In order to stay ahead of the curve we needed to use all the intricate data tracking and measurement tools and continue to deliver a high level of relevant and timely content to keep UK consumers engaged.

Focusing the target
Our internal data showed that we had quite a few YouTube champions who help us maintain the high quality content that we aim to host on YouTube. We needed to tap into their momentum and amplify it with an aim to have more viewers watching the videos and less pressing of the ‘skip ad’ button.


YouTube wanted to remind consumers and the industry of the high quality content that can be found on its channels by using data to promote two of their best content creators: Sorted Food and Copa90.  

Increase Sorted Food & Copa90 awareness amongst 18-34 UK consumers.