Increase Sorted Food & Copa90 awareness amongst 18-34 UK consumers.


  • Adding a mobile specific intro to our ads led to 17% higher awareness uplift (when compared to ads without a mobile specific intro that were otherwise identical). 
  • Similarly, adding a content specific intro (e.g. fashion) led to 25% higher uplifts in awareness
  • Retargeting users with a short retargeting ads led to 40% more cost-efficient uplifts in awareness when compared to showing users the same 30” hero ad again. 

Overall results: Our TrueView ads were amongst the most successful TrueView ads EVER across the world. They were in the top 1% in terms of awareness uplift for over 1 million TrueView ads that have ever been tested, more than making up for the extra cost involved in creating them! 

This greatly contributed to the campaign’s overall achievement of a 66% uplift in UK 18-34 year old awareness for both YouTube creators.