Our Top Creators
What better way to entice more viewers to watch on YouTube than to show them the quality content on YouTube first-hand. So, we decided to highlight two of the most prominent creators, Sorted Food & Copa90, who continue to generate the highest quality of content and promote them via our TrueView ads. The aim was to deliver appropriate, engaging and timely creative so that the viewer did NOT engage the ever so helpful ‘skip ad’ button that features on the TrueView video ad format.

Industry research showed that football fans and foodies were most likely to be interested in our creators, so we took a look at the food and football target audiences more broadly to learn about who they were and what their interests are. This would ensure accurate and dynamic data driving content for the most personalised ad experience. 

Based on our audience, it was important to have data at the forefront of this strategy, steering the approach to ensure maximum personalizing, optimizing and measurement. Using YouTube’s advanced targeting mechanisms easily lent itself well to exploring the use of video innovatively.