How did we deliver this campaign?

Since 73% of our target audience plays games once a month, we partnered with the fastest growing game in App Store history, QuizUp. 

A native integration specifically for mobile, the 'Earth from Above' quiz option on the QuizUp app introduces 1000 questions that prompts players to battle head-to-head in real-time trivia based on visual content powered by Google Maps. Players are challenged to identify cities, geographic features, historical monuments and popular landmarks from around the world. Play your friends or someone random, get a clue from Google Maps satellite imagery, guess the right answer as fast as you can, then move onto round 2! When the game is over, the user is prompted to download the Google Maps app.

This created an environment, where we were able to tell a more complete story about Google Maps vs it just being a navigation tool. It has been discovered that the audience may not always be aware of Google Maps' full capabilities - especially on Mobile devices. And what's more, brand research has proven that many people mistakenly think they have Google Maps, when they are actually using Apple Maps. 

The entire campaign was executed in the mobile space. The experience was completely additive and not disruptive. It was a fun and clever way to inform users about Google Maps through QuizUp. It was about communicating with the audience is a very specific way and creating an experience users love. 

We were able to show users first hand some of the features that makes Google Maps unique. In addition, the QuizUp campaign allowed Google Maps to become relevant to the audience and speak to consumers on their terms and at the right time. It was very much a "best practice" mobile communication strategy on how to be additive vs. disruptive.

Google had never previously partnered with an app in this fashion. They 'purchased' media with App partners, but they have never done anything this integrated. This was also "first to market" for QuizUp - this made measuring it against previous campaigns difficult.